The Original Empower Center Course

The course that started it all is still our most popular! The course integrates the five most foundational empowerment concepts directly into all aspects of your life. If you want to enhance, transform, or rebuild anything about your life, this course is an absolute must.

Tool 1: Finding the Essence

  • Learn how to look for, and operate in your most natural, most powerful state.
  • Learn to see past the layers of fear, judgment, and circumstance to find the value in others.
  • Learn mindfulness practices that help you to stop forcing and resisting in life.
  • Feel a profound new sense of freedom as you experience all that life has to offer.

Tool 2: Macro Awareness

  • Supercharge your awareness of the ways you are operating and experiencing life.
  • Practice seeing the world through more empowered lenses.
  • Learn how to find desirable experiences and opportunities in every circumstance.
  • Experience a new sense of joy as you live life from a more empowered mindset.

Tool 3: The EVO Method

  • Discover your most empowered ways of experiencing life.
  • Find new perspectives that move your life forward.
  • Learn your most powerful ways of operating.
  • Experience a new sense of power in all areas of your life.

Tool 4: Desire-Based Living

  • Learn the two types of fear, and which fears to avoid.
  • Learn how to shift from fear-based living into desire-based living.
  • Practice bringing the power of your inner desire with you wherever you go.
  • Experience a new sense of productivity and contentment.

Tool 5: Empowering Boundaries

  • Learn the empowered purpose of boundaries.
  • Learn how to set boundaries that free you.
  • Practice setting boundaries in your real life.
  • Experience a new sense of freedom and strength of character.