The Power of Mentoring!

Accountability...Support...Experience...Energy...These are the reasons people who work with mentors succeed so much more often than people who don't. Empower School was designed around mentoring. Why?? Because when you are learning tools that build your life, you need someone who is there to help you with that life.

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Christopher John

Certified Master Mentor
Life Coach | Success Coach | Relationship Coach | Leadership Coach | Speaker | Workshops | Team Building | Corporate | Education

Shaelyn Christiansen

Certified Professional Mentor

Life Coach | People’s Advocate | Empower Leader | Entrepreneur | Growth Catalyst | Transformation Coach | Spiritual Guide | Reality Shifter | Conversation Changer

Beth Rzendzian

Certified Professional Mentor
Life Coach | Certified Personal Traner | Fitness Coach | Health/Nutrition Coach | Entrepreneur Coach | Christian Counseling

Cody Elliott

Certified Professional Mentor

Life Coach | Light Photographer | Online Inspirational Mentor