Probably our Most Powerful Course!

When it comes to empowerment, identity is everything! “Who you know yourself to be” controls your thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, emotions, and nearly every other aspect of your reality. In this course, you will learn to access your most empowered states of being, develop more self-confidence, and skyrocket your ability to make a difference and get things done.

Tool 1: Un-Definition

  • Discover the key ways you have been defined in life by yourself and others.
  • Maximize and celebrate your current identity as the new starting point.
  • Learn to free yourself from any labels or judgments that confine you in life.
  • Experience an exciting new sense of possibility about who you can be.

Tool 2: Identity from Being

  • Discover a new, empowered way to identify yourself.
  • Learn to see the natural qualities that show up in you and others.
  • Learn how to integrate your most desired qualities into all aspects of your life.
  • Experience a new sense of power as you take a stand for “who you truly are.”

Tool 3: Core Identities

  • Experience a powerful self-evaluation and reflection.
  • Discover your most powerful states of being.
  • Use a simple structure that keeps you empowered all day long.
  • Experience huge gains in confidence and self-esteem.

Tool 4: Purpose from Being

  • Learn how to access the limitless power of purpose.
  • Discover the purposes of each of your core identities.
  • Learn how to live all aspects of life more intentionally.
  • Experience higher levels of energy and passion in allthat you do.

Tool 5: Identity Anchoring

  • Gain a full understanding of how identity triggers and anchors work.
  • Learn seven different types of triggers you can use to stay empowered.
  • Build an environment that consistently triggers each of your core identities.
  • Experience a new sense of ease in shifting into empowered states of being.