Resetting Your Goals in Changing Times

In these complicated and quickly changing times, we need an evolved method of goal achievement that meets the demands of this new age. By Christopher John, Empowerment Specialist – Life, Leadership, Performance Coach – Founder, The Empower Center, Point B Living, Inc. For years, goals have been taught in one general way… Many variations, but one general way: (1) Decide …

Empower Now! The Power of YES!

If you were given the opportunity to have the greatest experience life has to offer – right now…today, would you say yes? Absolutely! So why is it that so many opportunities to improve our quality of life, or experience amazing things, are missed? The answer is that we fail to integrate our boundaries into the conversation. Live on location in …

Empower Now! Weight Loss (VIDEO)

Learn the REAL reason diets never work, and how you can use DESIRE-BASED LIVING to completely change the game, and effortlessly lose as much weight as you want. THIS SIMPLE SHIFT IN HOW YOU APPROACH GOALS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! This is one more reason empowered people lead exceptional lives. Empower Now Weight Loss from Christopher John on Vimeo.

A Live Empower Center Look-In (VIDEO)

Watch this real, live mentoring session – and see Christopher John masterfully give an individual full access to her most powerful identities, while bringing out the best in her – right on the spot! We all have versions of ourselves that allow us to effortlessly achieve our desired outcomes and build the experiences we truly want in life. Identity work …

Attack the Hurdles! (VIDEO)

In life, we all have two things in common: (1) We all have GOALS. (2) We all have HURDLES. Watch as empowerment expert Christopher John breaks down the empowered way to attack your hurdles and turn your biggest goals into your greatest accomplishments!

Environment, Success, and the Four Essential Relationships (VIDEO)

In a world that finds people continually growing more complicated and more isolated, empowerment specialist Christopher John reminds us of how important it is to access all four essential relationships when working toward the achievement of your desired outcomes and experiences. Your Environment, Success, and the Four Essential Relationships from Christopher John on Vimeo.

What it Means to be Empowered! (VIDEO)

Empowerment specialist Christopher John gives us his simplest, clearest definition of what it means to be empowered, why empowered people lead exceptional lives, and one thing you can do every morning to step into empowered living right now. What it Means to be Empowered from Christopher John on Vimeo.

Empowered Life Balance (VIDEO)

Balance is a critical aspect of empowered living, yet so many of us fail to achieve it.  Click on the video below to learn one simple focus you can practice right now to build more balance in your life, access more of your power, and begin to experience your most exceptional life.

Empowered Parenting (VIDEO)

Are you a parent?  Are you struggling with your child’s behavior?  It can be so difficult to concentrate, keep a positive attitude, or even get through the day when your child misbehaves and it seems as though there is nothing you can do about it.  Click on the video below, and see how Christopher John addresses this extremely important issue …

What is Top-Down Living?

Life can be so unfair!  Have you ever experienced troubling, damaging, scary, hurtful, unfair, or downright ugly circumstances?  If you have, I’m talking to you, and boy…do I have something powerful for you!  It’s called “Top-Down Living,” and in life, it’s a game changer. Top-Down Living is based on what are called “levels of consciousness.”  To understand that briefly, you …