The Ultimate Empowerment Tool

Communication can be a very powerful weapon to destroy lives with (including yours), or a very powerful tool for building life exactly the way you want it. This course will give you the skills to master clear, supportive, intentional, and success-building communication.

Tool 1: Communicating On Purpose

  • Learn how to find the purpose behind every word that is spoken, by both you and others.
  • Learn how to infuse purpose into every conversation you participate in.
  • Practice using the power of purpose to turn regular conversations into powerful moments.
  • Feel what it is like to bring purpose into every aspect of your life.

Tool 2: Communicating with Absolute Clarity

  • Discover the source of all miscommunication.
  • Learn a simple technique that will allow you hear people with absolute clarity.
  • Integrate direct-response and clarification-questioning practices into conversations.
  • Experience a sense of efficiency only possible through crystal clear communication.

Tool 3: Supportive, Connected Communication

  • Learn how to support people in conversation at the deepest levels.
  • Learn three strategies for connecting with people quickly and deeply.
  • Practice supporting people in real-world conversations.
  • Use Communication to Make the Ultimate Difference in Peoples’ Lives.

Tool 4: Setting the Foundation for Communication

  • Learn how you can make every conversation successful – before it even starts!
  • Learn a simple process that can empower you before any conversation.
  • Practice our two-step process for “Setting the Stage” in real-life conversations.
  • Feel how easy it can be to have the conversations you’ve been avoiding.

Tool 5: Putting it All Together!

  • Learn our three-step process for empowered communication.
  • Seamlessly integrate clarity, connection, support, and purpose.
  • Practice “dancing in the moment” to make your desired, powerful impact.
  • Use communication to build your life exactly the way you want it.