Total Transformation

Life Coaching

Build Unshakable, Unstoppable Confidence.
Accomplish Your Biggest Goals and Dreams.
Build Connected, Effortless Relationships.
Take Your Career or Business to Another Level.
Build Your Best Body or Step into Perfect Health.
Make a Greater Impact on the World.
Earn More Money and Gain Financial Freedom.
Add More Adventure to Your Life.
Have More Time, More Energy, and Less Stress.

Let one of our Certified Mentors help you transform any aspect of your life.

Because Your Life Matters – and Every Moment Counts.

Total Transformation Life Coaching at The Empower Center is our top-of-the-line program for empowered personal growth and transformation.  Get one of our extreme empowerment mentors all to yourself, as we focus all 30 of our tools for empowered living squarely on your goals, your growth, and your life.

Click on the pictures below to meet our mentors. Don’t forget to schedule your FREE consultation or sample session while you’re there.

Christopher John

Beth Rzendzian

Shaelyn Christiansen

Jeremy Gibson

Total Support when You Need it Most!

We go above and beyond when it comes to giving you the time and attention you need. From appointments that last a full hour, to unlimited access between appointments, you will know how important you are when you work with one of our mentors.  Why do we give so much?  Because we care that much, and we know that your greatest coaching needs can’t always wait until your next appointment!