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Welcome to our mentor certification page. So many people just like you have experienced a positive, permanent change in the quality of their lives with Empower School. Now it is time to pay it forward. See how easy it is to give the gift of Empower School to the people in your life.

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Mentoring is Easy, Fun, and Empowering

What does it take to be an effective Empower School mentor? You're actually 90% of the way there already!

Because this is a pay-it-forward system, the most important part is to have experience integrating our tools into your real life. If you have completed one of our courses, you have already done that.

Then the Empower School system takes care of the rest!

Our curriculum was designed to generate all of the right conversations for you. All you have to do is show up and follow the handouts for the current meeting.

Once the conversations start, simply share some of your own experiences with our tools, and allow your mentees to talk about how they see themselves integrating them into their lives.

Still unsure? Our complete Mentor Toolkit is provided to you during our Free Mentor Training. You're given everything you need to effortlessly facilitate Empower School from start to finish, and make the most powerful difference a person can make in the lives of others!

Mentoring is the Only Way to Achieve Total Mastery over your Quality of Life.

The greatest benefit from mentoring goes to YOU!

We only master 10% of what we read.

We only master 20% of what we hear.

We only master 30% of what we see.

We master 80% of what we experience.

We master 95% of what we teach others!

If you want to win in life, now!