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“Having the opportunity to lead Empower School has been amazing!  We can really focus in on applying these life changing tools and concepts directly to their needs, their lives.”
~Chrisotpher John, Master Certified Mentor

E.S.I. The Methodology!

We’ve developed a specialized learning model that makes Empower School extremely effective. It’s called Experiential Subconscious Integration (E.S.I.) Our mentors intentionally focus you on real experiences in your real life that trigger growth responses deep in your subconscious mind. The result? While you focus on your life, your subconscious mind keeps you showing up BIG!

“Without a doubt, the most transformational,
profound learning experience of my life.
It changed everything for me.”

– Jeff Jones, Participant, 2015

The Empower School Difference!

Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work

You only learn 10% of what you read!

Books alone have a very minimal impact on a person’s level of success. Retention is very limited, and many books contradict each other, causing unnecessary confusion. Plus, with books there is no accountability or extended support.

Why Self-Help Programs and Seminars Don’t Work

You only learn 20-30% of what you hear and see!

Seminars are not much better. Very few of the practices learned at workshops, conferences, and seminars ever get fully integrated into our lives. And the cost to attend an empowerment seminar can often reach the thousands of dollars. AND… if you want to get additional support or accountability, those prices grow even higher!

The Empower School Difference

You master 80% of what you personally experience!

Our work at Empower School is built around experiences. First we bring you together for an interactive, experiential super-fun but highly intensive learning experience . Then you go out and live. And while you’re living, we see how our tools impact your goals, and your overall quality of life. All the while we stay connected and give you the support you need to fully integrate the empowerment tools you learned into your new, exceptional life!

You master an astounding 95% of what you teach others!

Even the best self-help programs have missed this all-important aspect of personal growth and transformation! Our conversations and practices are specially designed to give you opportunities to teach others what our empowerment tools look like in your real life. This provides you with the highest level of mastery available.

“My so called “tasks” have now become inspired actions. As a result I’ve been able to attract 4 new business partners, develop additional leadership skills, and make more profound and deeper connections with everyone in my life. “

– Leslie Hipp, Participant, 2013

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