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Transformational Empowerment Version 2.0

Join an empowerment team and learn all 26 tools for empowered living with the support of a certified Empower Center mentor and a team of like-minded partners.

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Explosive Empowerment Coaching

Work directly with top empowerment expert Christopher John to enhance, transform, or rebuild anything about your life from the ground up. (Speical rates available.)

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The Personal Edge Corporate Training

Are you a business owner or manager? Would you like to improve the performance of your staff? Bring in our experts and choose from five empowering programs.

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What it Takes to Lead an Empowered Life

Empowering Your Identity

Learn how your identity holds the key to all of your behaviors, decisions, thoughts, feelings, and even your beliefs. Then discover all of the unique qualities that make you naturally powerful, successful, and happy. Empowering your identity leads to increases in confidence, clarity, and overall strength of character that have you consistently operating at a higher level in all aspects of your life.

Empowering Your Reality

Get ready to open your mind and discover new perspectives that can literally transform how you see the world around you. Are you tired of things not going your way? Being a victim of circumstance? Struggling with relationships? Feeling unbalanced in life? Empowering your reality will take your new, empowered identity, and unleash it on the world in the most beautifully impactful way.

Empowerment Through Goal Achievement

Ever wonder why over 70% of all people fail to achieve their goals? It’s because most of us spend so much time trying to force results, we fail to realize the real reason we set our goals – to create the experiences we want for ourselves and others. But those experiences are not just momentary targets. They are available to us every step of the way. Learn the empowered process for discovering, defining, and consistently achieving your goals… and make the journey as rich as the outcome

Overcoming Obstacles to Empowerment

If you could just overcome all of your obstacles, it would be impossible to fail at anything. But that’s unrealistic…or is it? Actually all of our obstacles can be broken down, categorized, and organized. As we learn to address each type of obstacle, we discover that overcoming any obstacle just takes a simple, replicatable practice. We have turned those practices into easy, step-by-step formulas you can apply in any situation, all day long.

Empowerment Through Communication

Communication is the glue that holds an empowered life together. It is our greatest tool when it comes to building, sharing, and achieving all that we desire. Learn how to both communicate and receive messages more clearly, give and receive support more completely, and build the outcomes you want, while expressing your true commitments in every interaction you engage in.

Why Self-Help Books Don’t Work

You only learn 10% of what you read!

Books alone have a very minimal impact on a person’s level of success. Retention is very limited, and many books contradict each other, causing unnecessary confusion. Plus, with books there is no accountability or extended support.

Why Self-Help Programs and Seminars Don’t Work

You only learn 20-30% of what you hear and see!

Seminars are not much better. Very few of the practices learned at workshops, conferences, and seminars ever get fully integrated into our lives. And the cost to attend an empowerment seminar can often reach the thousands of dollars. AND… if you want to get additional support or accountability, those prices grow higher!

The Empower Center Difference

You master 80% of what you personally experience!

Our work at The Empower Center is built around experiences. Each week we look at one powerful concept. Then you go out and live. And while you’re living, we see how that concept impacts your goals, and your overall quality of life. Then we come back together and leverage all of what you learned, and then it’s on to the next amazing concept! And each week builds on the last, so the longer you engage, the more empowered you become!

What Sets The Empower Center Apart

You master an astounding 95% of what you teach others!

Even the highest levels of life coaching have missed this all-important aspect of personal success and transformation! Our process is not meant to only be experienced. It is also designed to be taught to others. And that is all for your benefit. The highest level of mastery in anything occurs when you teach and mentor others. With our unprecedented execution method, you have the opportunity to do just that.

Real Members – From All Walks of Life!

The Empower Center makes a difference – a difference for your own quality of life – a difference for the people you care about most – a difference in your ability to achieve and succeed.  It’s your life. You deserve to make it count.

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